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I want to buy this item from the shop, but you it is out of stock and/or you don't have my size...

Please fill out a Custom Order Form here and mention which piece you want. Your next steps would be to purchase and ship whatever item you want painted directly to MEANSTREAK.


Do you have other sizes?

Short answer - no, not unless listed. Each piece is hand painted and created for the individuality of the wearer. I'm painting each piece separately, so I'm restricted to my human abilities when it comes to bulk of inventory lol. Fill in this Custom Order Form if you're looking for a specific size.


I have a pair of jeans I want you to paint, can you do that?

Yes, and hey, props to you. I don't read anything on the websites either unless it says exactly what I'm looking for. Fill out this Custom Order Form here and I'll be in touch asap.


What are your turn-around times? When can I expect my order after I buy?

Each piece requires a different amount of time. It heavily depends on how quickly you respond, how detailed the design is, shipping times, and my own demand. If you have concerns please be upfront about your timeline.  


I only have an idea of what I want - not an exact design..

My favorite part! I specialize in the creative process and coming up with ideas for designs surrounding your inspirations. Feed me images, quotes, songs, visuals, colors, stories, lists, anything that inspires YOU. To get started, fill out the custom form so we can make this dream a reality!